Mia Khalifa Bodyguard Pics | Adult Star Mia Khalifa invited by Wrestler Joey Ryan in the Ring,Mia Khalifa’s bodygaurd saved her from Wrestler Joey Ryan


Mia Khalifa Bodyguard Pics: Former pornstar Mia Khalifa once said wrestling out of the game. He has been busy in debates for the past few days, but after getting an invitation from a wrestler, when she landed in the ring, there was a drama in the ring. According to media reports, Wrestler began to act as obsessed with Mia, Mia’s bodyguard smashed the wrestler.

Although Wrestler also attacked the guard while retaliating. When Mia landed in the ring, Wrestler Joey Ryan was said to be a huge child with hair and remained on his statement saying that wrestling is not a game. In front of Mia, Wrestler Ryan became immensely ambitious. Meanwhile, because of  Mia’s bodyguard she could escape. Although Ryan attacked Mia as soon as possible. Mia Khalifa had said about WWE’s female wrestler Ronda Rousey a few days ago that her career could end in wrestling.You can check Mia Khalifa Bodyguard Pics below


During the Indie Wrestling Event held in Austin, Texas, anchor Mia Khalifa made frequent comments on Wrestler Joey Ryan before the match began. Mia, pointing to Ryan’s body part, teasing them, said in the words that Ryan is shaking badly before the match starts.He just wants to calm Ryan.From this, Ryan got frustrated and said if you want to do this then come. Mia went ahead as soon as Ryan grabbed it. Seeing Mia’s Bodyguard Ryan got confronted. During the clash, however, Ryan beat Mia’s Bodyguard again and dragged him towards Mia, but Mia somehow defended herself.

Pornstar Mia Khalifa, who came into the discussion with abusive voices from WWE, has now made a shameful move in the wrestling ring. Mia Khalifa, who retired from Adult films and became an Sports anchor.Mia had said that leaving the UFC to Ronda Rousey in WWE is a wrong decision. Because WWE is not real sports. it’s embarrassing.

After this statement from Mia, many of the wrestlers said, taking Mia with her hand, that if you suffer physical solicitation in your work, then we too have physical pain in our work. This is not fake game.

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