How to connect whatsapp with Laptop/Desktop/Computer|Run whatsapp on Laptop/Desktop/Computer|How to access whatsapp on Laptop/Desktop/Computer

How to connect whatsapp with Laptop

How to connect whatsapp with Laptop/Desktop/Computer|Run whatsapp on Laptop/Desktop/Computer|How to access whatsapp on Laptop/Desktop/Computer

Hello friends,this post is dedicated to all readers who wants to know how to access Whatsapp on Laptop/Desktop/Computer.All you need is your cell phone(one time) and a Laptop/Desktop/Computer, whichever device is available at that time along with your internet connection.Also it doesn’t require that your mobile and computer devices are on same internet connection.You can use different internet connection for each device.Lets go ahead and start the process to connect whatsapp with laptop/desktop or computer.

You will have to follow these steps to connect whatsapp with your desktop or laptop-

1.First of all login to your whatsapp on your mobile device or Open your whatsapp messenger app.

2.On Top right side you will see three dots,you will have to tap those three dots and will get a dropdown list.In that list you will have to choose “WhatsApp Web” option.You can see in the screenshot as below.

3.Now go to your Laptop or Desktop device and open this website Link. Or you can visit on your browser.You will see this screen,in which your QR code in square box will be shown.

4.Next you will have to scan this code by clicking on WhatsApp Web” from your mobile device.It will start scanning your code once you tap on WhatsApp Web.Don’t forget to checkmark “Keep me signed in” box.By default it is always checked,still you need to make sure.Otherwise you will have to repeat this process every time whenever you want to access your whatsapp through laptop.

5.While its scanning place your mobile device near to Laptop or computer screen so that it can scan properly.Scanning will be done through back camera of your phone.

6.After scanning code from your mobile,your whatsapp will start loading screen on laptop or computer and will be connected in few seconds.
Loading Screen,if you see this it means it is getting connected.

7.Make sure your mobile data is turned on or it is connected with wifi connection while you are connecting or using it from your laptop or computer.

8.Congratulations you are successfully connected.Now place the phone anywhere but make sure it is having an internet connection and use your whatsapp on your Laptop or Computer.

Sometimes you might trouble to get connected and it will show you screen like this-
Error while connecting

But don’t panic ,it will take some time to get connected because of your slow internet speed.If it will not get connected then Tap “Retry Now” button again and wait to get connected.

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