How to Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS | Dish TV Registration Details on NIOS Portal

Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS

How to Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS | Dish TV Registration Details on NIOS Portal

NIOS Dish TV Registration: for all NIOS D.El.Ed teachers and candidates this notice is coming from sources that you will have to Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS on the official website. Just a reminder, for all candidates initial fee was Rs.6000 but Rs.1500 was waived off because of the student who wants to study from home on Swayamprabha Channel. Just to make sure candidates have setup DD DishTV at their home NIOS portal requires the details of your DD Dish Tv.

In this post you will get to know about How to submit DD Dish TV details in NIOS portal, What is DD dish TV serial Number? How we can get Dish TV serial. D.El.Ed teachers provide the details of DD dish TV for Swayamprabha Channel, Submit online form and provide DD dish TV serial number details to an online portal. Kindly provide the following information Regarding DD dish TV which you have procured for watching Swayamprabha Channel. Online submit form for Dish TV details is mandatory.

For whom it is mandatory to Submit DD Dish TV details?

Most of the candidates/teachers are studying online through PDF files, Swayam official website, from Youtube channels, Swayam mobile app, Mukta Vidhya Vani, NIOS DELED mobile app. But the teachers who are studying from Swayamprabha Channel will have to submit details before the date mentioned on the official website.

Let me tell you one more thing, if you have not bought any DD dish TV and learning from online methods, in that case, you will also have to submit the details by selecting the option “NO” in the online form.

How to Provide/Submit DD Dish TV details on NIOS website?

You will have to submit a short form on official website of NIOS.

1. First of all, you will have to visit NIOS D.el.ed official website.

2.You will get a section of Teacher(शिक्षक), click on it.

3.After clicking on it you will see a window “Welcome to NIOS D.El.Ed System – Teacher Login”. In this, you will have to locate “Click to fill the details.”You can also see in the image.

Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS

4.After clicking on that link, you will get a form in front of you. In which you will have to fill your

Reference No. (Mention on your I-card)

Enrollment No.
((Mention on your I-card)

Name. (Enter your name as registered with NIOS)

Whether you have procured DD Dish TV for watching SWAYAMPRABHA Channel …(If you installed DD dish TV, you will have to select an option”YES” and provide your DD Dish TV Serial No.)

(if you have not installed any DD dish TV, then choose an option “NO”)

Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS

5.Then click on “Submit”.

Hence you submitted DD dish TV details to NIOS.

What is DD dish TV Serial Number? NIOS Dish TV Registration

Every set-top box has its unique Serial number which is either written on the bottom or back side of the set-top box provided by Dish TV. There are some dark and plain lines along with this serial number which is called QR code. But you only need a serial number to submit the form.

Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS
The bottom side of Set Top Box

Please don’t get confused between Serial Number and channel number. You will have to find this code only on the set-top box, not anywhere else. Channel number of Swayamprabha is always same i.e 36 or 15 number channel.

Or it could be on back side of Box as shown in the image

Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS
Backside of Set Top Box


How to Submit DD dish TV details for NIOS | Dish TV Registration Details on NIOS Portal | NIOS Dish TV Registration

If in case you will have some doubts about any query regarding this matter you can email us or contact us through the form.

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