Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13 | Sharan and Mehakdeep are back Written Updates

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13 | Sharan-Mehakdeep are back Written Updates

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13: After Vivek Bora quit Roadies Xtreme journey due to his personal reasons, Mehakdeep and Sharan got chance to try their luck to get selected on Journey. They both reached task location. Before task, there was a vote out session between Sharan and Mehakdeep. Both were excited to be a part of this journey. Sharan was confident that he will surely get more votes than Mehak because he already convinced so many people in the tent area.

It was an open Voting session. All contestants will have to vote openly to their favorite choice. Votes started with Shruti, she voted for Sharan. Shruti voted for Sharan. Geetika- voted for Mehakdeep, Rohan voted for Sharan, Priya voted for Mehakdeep. Subhadha voted for Sharan. Nishkarsh voted for Sharan. Mehakdeep was very disappointed when Nishkarsh and Subhadha voted against him because he was expecting votes for him from both. Also, Nishkarsh cleared him that he will go with Gang’s decision. So he voted against him because other three were wanted to get Sharan In for the journey.

Mehakdeep Won Voting Session against Sharan

Khurshid voted for Sharan.At this point, Mehak still had a strong feeling that he will get selected. Surbhi Rana voted for Mehakdeep. Sonu voted for Mehakdeep. Pavneet voted for Mehakdeep. Preeti voted for Mehakdeep. Minnie voted for Sharan. Farah voted for Mehakdeep. Kashish voted for Mehakdeep. Kriti voted for Sharan.And last Abhishek voted for Mehakdeep which decided that Mehakdeep has won voting against Sharan.

After voting, all four Gang leaders reached the task location. Ranvijay gave the choice to Nikhil whether he wants Mehakdeep to select in his Gang. Nikhil took his time and decide to select Mehakdeep in place of Nishkarsh. Also, he cleared that in this decision he thought for the gang. Nishkarsh was really unhappy with this decision still he had to accept this.

Roadies Task to Make Ready Khasi Couple in Traditional Dress

Then Ranvijay gave a task to four selected pairs. Geetika paired up with Sonu.Preeti paired up with Khurshid. Kriti paired up with Abhishek, Priya paired up with Nishkarsh. The task was to make Khasi couple ready with their ornaments. Girls will make them ready whether boys will take ornaments for them on a local vehicle. To ride that vehicle it was tough for them. But Sonu, Nishkarsh and Khurshid performed well in this task. Abhishek didn’t get even a single ornament for her partner. While Khurshid and Sonu were the winners of this task and their respective partners. Also, Sonu got injured in this task while performing.

After winning this task Khurshid and Preeti now have the power to decide in which Gang they want to go. Sonu and Geetika will decide which Gang leader will decide Gang for both of them. It would be interesting to see who will vote out in next episode among Priya, Nishkarsh, Kriti or Abhishek.

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Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 13 | Sharan-Mehakdeep are back Written Updates

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