Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 6 | Pune Audition Written Updates

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 6

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 6 | Pune Audition Written Updates

Hello, Roadies lovers today we will share with you all the exciting facts about MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 6, Pune audition.All started with Priya Sindhu, who belongs to Chindoori village Meerut.She is 23 years old and showed her skills and strength among judges and got selected after beating Snehal Karkera.She was also in athletes, a sprinter but was unable to defeat Priya in given tasks by Ran VJ.Also, Priya mentioned that when she was 16 years old a tragedy happened in her village which made her move to Mumbai to follow her dreams.She is doing some photo shoots and has been worked in some serials too for her livings.The panel of judges was impressed and given her 3 lights to qualify for next round, especially Raftar who pressed Red Button for her and made sure she is on MTV Roadies Xtreme Journey this year.

Nikhil Loses His Cool in Pune Audition

Next contestant was Kawalpreet Singh. The panel of judges was not happy after reading the form by Kawal. He specially mentioned his desperation towards women and ladies. On which Nikhil Chinappa loses his cool and stood up from his chair to teach him a lesson. Even Raftaar mentioned that it would be a security Hazard for us to bring Kawalpreet on the journey. After that RanVJ cleared that it would be a question on his community if we took guys like Kawal with us.On which Kawal said,”I am already representing my community.”Raftaar loses his cool this time and showed him the way to outside.

Next contestant was Kriti Verma, who is GST inspector by profession.RanVJ asked her to raid on Raftaar in a funny way. It was a great fun.Kriti did that well. After that Neha asked her to show some skills in dancing. Although she mentioned she is not a professional dancer but still, she did well in that task too. When count began none of the judges voted for her.But RanVJ used his power of Mahaguru and gave her 2 lights.In addition, Prince also gave her 1 vote to qualify for next round. Neha advised her to prepare for next round and wished her Good Luck!

Vidit Sharma Roadies Xtreme Biography

Pavneet Singh Bagga was the next contestant who made judges laugh with her extraordinary singing talent in Gujrati and with his cuteness. Specially Neha showed interest for Pavneet to bring him to the Journey of Roadies. Also, Neha mentioned that he would put “JAAN” to Roadies Xtreme, not with muscular power but with his sweet talks and funny nature. Raftaar, Prince, and Neha gave him 3 votes to qualify for next round.

Watch MTV Roadies Xtreme Full Episode 6 | Pune Audition Written Updates

Abhishek Dubey was the next contestant who belongs to Jammu, Ramnagar. By profession, he works in Band group and plays Guitar. He showed some skills with his Guitar and sung a song written by him. He also showed his physical strength by doing Muscle Up. Neha, Raftaar, and RanVJ voted for him to qualify for next round.

The last contestant was Farha Fatima Khan, who belongs to Hyderabad and came with her husband in MTV Roadies Xtreme Pune auditions. She is hairstylist by profession. RanVJ asked her to comment on all Judges hairstyles, on which she made laugh to all with her comments. Even Raftaar taught her some MMA skills and punches in a funny way. She mentioned that she got married the at the age of 20 years. Nikhil voted for her and cleared that he wants to give Farha a chance to do something in life.

The most interesting fact was that when RanVJ asked her to leave but she didn’t leave at that time and requested RanVJ again and again. When she was moving outside, suddenly RanVJ turned on both lights and made her qualify for next round. Also, RanVJ mentioned that he got impressed when she was not ready to leave her place easily and was fighting for it.

Qualified Contestant Names in MTV Roadies Xtreme Episode 6
  • Priya Sindhu
  • Kriti Verma
  • Pavneet Singh Bagga
  • Abhishek Dubey
  • Farha Fatima Khan

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